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Conservatory Cleaning and Valeting


The proud of your home

A dark gloom light hardly fall through a conservatory roof, because the leaves, moss and all unwanted soil and dirt block it and create an impenetrable film? Forget about the caves, you want to see the Sun and to feel comfortable when drinking a coffee or read a book.

 The complete service, which we provide, will get rid of all of these dark moods from the pleasant part of your home.

Our Services


Outside Cleaning

Includes uPVC pre-washing by appropriate detergent, gutter clearing upon request, and rinsing with pure water. The roof, downpipes, gutters and sides are clean now.


Inside Cleaning

The ceiling is cleaned in the traditional style, as well as all glass panels are. The whole frame is cleaned with uPVC spray, including handles and window sills. The conservatory is clean from in and out now.



In addition to the previous two stages, the valeting includes gutter cleaning inside, cream valeting, cleaning of the frames inside, oiling of the hinges, cleaning of openings, and bringing overall satisfaction.



Cleanliness matter

Bringing cleanliness into the house, it comes hand in hand with positive feelings, comfort and health.


Enjoy your conservatory in its full potential.


The price for the service reflects the effort, time and material spent on it. Some conservatories are fully glass, other ones are half-sized due to brick walls. Some are wooden framed, another is aluminium. This has been taken into consideration, therefore the quoting is very fair, so there is not a flat rate. The prices below are for the rough idea.

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