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Conservatory Cleaning and Valeting


The pride of your home

Conservatory cleaning is a must if a gloomy light hardly falls through a conservatory roof. The leaves, moss and soil block the light, creating an impenetrable film. Forget about the caves. You want to see the Sun and feel comfortable drinking coffee or reading a book.


The complete conservatory cleaning service will remove dark moods from a pleasant part of your home.

Our Services


Conservatory Cleaning Outside

The conservatory roof and sides are pre-washed with appropriate detergent. Gutter cleaning is followed upon request, after which the rinsing with pure water follows. The roof, downpipes, gutters and sides are clean.


Conservatory Cleaning Inside

The conservatory ceiling cleaning is performed in the traditional style. All glass panels on the side are cleaned too. The whole frame, including handles and window sills, is scrubbed with uPVC cleaner. Your conservatory is clean from inside and out.


Conservatory Valeting

In addition to the previous two stages, the conservatory valeting includes gutter cleaning in the price, cream valeting, cleaning of the openings, oiling of the hinges, and bringing overall satisfaction.



Cleanliness matter

Bringing cleanliness into the house comes hand in hand with positive feelings, comfort and health.

Enjoy the result of our conservatory cleaning service with your favourite book and coffee.


The price for conservatory cleaning depends on various aspects. We provide fair quotes that take into account the material, size, and condition of the conservatory.

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