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FAQ: Frequently asked questions


Answers to the questions often asked by customers. It is also a small insight into the life of window cleaning and how it works.

Area Serviced

The service map is highlighted in the section 'contact'. If your location is in the marked area, it is covered by our services. If your address is on the verge, or a couple of miles out of the area, please do not hesitate to contact us, as the one-off jobs might be taken further out of the regular cleaning area.


The Prices for window cleaning are calculated from the various factors as the access, number of them, type of the windows and regular pollutants around.
The Prices for gutter cleaning and cladding fascia/soffit board must be calculated from the measurements and pollution.
The price for the conservatory cleaning service is estimated for a uPVC-built frame without ornamental protrusions around the roof edge, usually squares.
The Quote is free without obligation and valid on all services.


All methods of cleaning are well suited to the nature of work. All processes and steps are performed under the skill, knowledge and experience of a window cleaner to ensure the best efficiency. 

For window cleaning where possible, the water-fed pole method with pure water is employed, which is in many aspects more efficient than the traditional method. Pure water does not leave streaks when dry, so the windows must not be touched by cloth.

Chemical safety

Chemicals used by JoeCleans Windows do not harm plants, are 100% biodegradable and used by the relevant knowledge. All chemicals are trade standard, purchased and used exclusively for the purpose.


There are two points to focus on, Safety and Efficiency. Both aspects are considered by JoeCleans Windows.
Safety in Connection
with Weather - the window cleaner has all the knowledge required by UK law regarding Health and Safety specifically suited to the nature of business, and is properly certified.

The Efficiency of the service during the window cleaning round mainly comes from the regularity, then from the Method and experience of the cleaner.


Regular Window Cleanings are based on 2 week period for commercial properties and a 4, 6, and 8-week period for households. Certain areas are on offer for 6 or 8-week periods ONLY. Anything above 12 weeks is considered a ONE-OFF cleaning, therefore the cleaning is priced accordingly.


The Regular Window (Conservatory) Cleaning Service is based on the delivery round system with stops. Similar to the delivery companies, which give you the date and time of the service regarding their actual delivery round. The same applies to Window Cleaning Rounds.

In the case of One-Off services, the customer is offered multiple dates and times


Window Cleaning Round is sophistically laboured to be on the most efficient level. We strongly advise against rescheduling the regular cleaning. In the case the rescheduling is repeated, the window cleaning can be terminated.


We accept bank transfers, cards or cash.

One-Off cleanings must be paid on the day of the service unless agreed otherwise.

Regular payments must be paid up to 14 days if the invoice does not state differently.

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