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Questions and answers, which are repeatedly asked by customers.

Area of covering

The service map is highlighted in the section 'contact'. If your location is in between the marked points, there is no doubt, the area is covered. If your location is on the verge, or a couple of miles out of the area, just do not hesitate to contact us, as the one-off jobs might be taken further out of the regular cleaning area.


The Prices for window cleaning on this website are based on average houses. The Prices for gutter cleaning, cladding fascia/soffit board must be calculated from the measurements - Values in the section 'Price' are the very close Average. The Quote is for free, without obligation, valid on all services.


The brush head on the water-fed pole cleans the whole frame, window sill and glass. Pure water ensures a clean, streak-free finish. The remaining water drops on the window must dry up naturally, and must not be dried by cloth.

Chemical safety

Chemicals used by JoeCleans Windows do not harm plants, are 100% biodegradable and used by the relevant knowledge. All chemicals are trade standard, purchased and used exclusively for the purpose.


There are two points to focus on, Safety and Efficiency. Both aspects are considered by JoeCleans Windows, not by the customer. JoeCleans Windows has all knowledge required by UK law regarding Health and Safety, specifically suited to the nature of business.

The efficiency of the provided service is determined by JoeCleans Windows, not by the customer. JoeCleans Windows wants to bring the best result, and the determination does not come from the vision of income, but the knowledge of procedures, tools and pure-water nature.

(Rain itself does not pollute the window)


Regular Window Cleanings are based on 2 week period for commercial properties, and a 4, 6, and 8-week period for households. Certain areas are in offer for 6 or 8-week periods only.


The Regular Window (Conservatory) Cleaning Service is based on the Delivery Round System. As the delivery drivers give you the date and time of the service regarding their actual Delivery Round, the same applies to Window Cleaning Rounds. The customer can decide the date and time within the offered ones for a first/one-off cleaning, however, not for the Regular Delivery Round.