Window Cleaning

Let the sunshine into your home or store. Enjoy the beauties of nature or ever-flow life in the middle of the city in its highest purity. Do not let yourself be blinded by dirt on your windows.

During the service, the window frames are cleaned as well. Cleaning of uPVC, wood or aluminium frames is the standard, and we keep them in the best condition!

Door window.jpg

At this time, we provide only external window cleaning, internal cleaning only in conservatories and porches, if requested.

On terraced houses, JoeCleans Windows offers also the ''only front'' option, which can be very practical.


JoeCleans Windows use chemicals only during the one-off cleaning. These are designed for the purpose and will not harm your rubber seals, frames of all types, or bio-environment around due to their 100% biodegradability.

Window cleaner uses his own purified water from a water tank. You do not need to worry about your water bill.

Water Hose


If you are interested in window cleaning, contact us. That is the best way, how to find out the correct price for your house.  Every house is different, therefore the proper quote can be provided after the visit of your property. You can find out the average price below.