Small commercial services

The pride of every small corner local shop, hair salon or nice shop with home decorations is its overall look, especially with the last mentioned and similar stores with a beautiful seasonal arrangement behind the shop window. In the long alleys of these shiny parades with surprises behind the glass, there is always competition in attracting the customer's eye. Make your shop attractive again. Smudges and stains on the shop window do not look very pleasant for the customers. Let them know that you are ready to give them the best service they can get. Reveal them your astonishing decoration for Christmas or flowery spring.

Bakery Window
Fashion Shop

We offer inside cleaning of the shop window. What is the point to clean glass on such a parade only from one side?

Now, when the shop window looks attractive, all shop signs, frames and doors and facades need attention.

We offer early morning or late evening cleanings for small commercial customers.
Prepare your shop for a busy week before opening or finish it with a good cleaning late at night. We know that a successful business must be ready all the time. Not during the day, when customers are passing along your shop while window cleaner obstruct a view into your proudly arranged decoration.

shop sign

Your place will look new again. Do the best for your business, take care of it, and it will reward you.


Work type
The whole shopfront lenght signage cleaning
Medium signage cleaning
Small signage cleaning
Initial cleaning
2 £/m2
Cleaning after tradesmens
5 £/m2
Regular cleaning
1 £/m2