How we provide our services

Water-Fed Pole

Water fed poles (WFP) are today the last technology, how to reach windows without using a ladder, clean them and let them shine. While window cleaner standstill with both feet on the ground safely, hard bristles flies on the glass and do the tough work. Various types of brushes ensure a required effect on every surface, from glass to solar panels. No dangerous ladder, which is not safe only for the person using it, but also for your property and people around.
    Do you have an inaccessible window even for traditional window cleaning? Many households reconciled with that “dirty forever” window above the conservatory, porch, roof or tree. Window cleaner could reach it neither by ladder nor by climbing onto the roof, nor in the more extravagant case, on a tree. The work is done by half and households pays. Today, by progress in every sphere of technology, window cleaning without exception, similar scenarios are very rare.
    Neither aluminium nor glass fibre, but carbon fibre poles with their lightness, stiffness and flexibility at the same time ensures maximum manoeuvrability. Window cleaner is able to lean them over some conservatories, porches, trees, fences and so on. No ladder ploughing your flowerbeds or scratching and marking your walls. Any soap watering your plants or cracked roof tiles from an unsuccessful attempt to clean a window above the porch.

Pole reach.png

Pole Flexibility

The next benefit of WFP is its flexibility in the range of surfaces, which could be cleaned. As mentioned above, a wide spectrum of attachments could clean a solar panel, conservatories, gutters, plastic cladding, soffits, fascia… Possibilities are countless, every customer can find his own “cleaning package”.

Water Filtration

Cleanliness is not reached only by hard scratching brush. The main part of the whole process is PURE water inside of our van. A high-quality professional machine purifies tap water, full of minerals and trace elements, into a perfect PURE H2O. It becomes immediately a very different chemical compound from that which runs from our taps at home - no calcium, phosphates, minerals – it is totally clean.
As it touches your windows, H2O reacts in a natural way with dirt on the surface and drags it down. All unwanted residues, dirt and pollutants have gone.
In the end, you do not need to worry about your flowers, lawn or pets. This water is now by its chemical composition equivalent to rainwater.