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JoeCleans Windows

JoeCleans Windows focus on quality, delivered through the hands of an experienced window cleaner. Throughout the experience, we understand, what customers need. It is not only about cleanliness, which has to be perfect, but it is also about small things, which create an impression and overall feeling.
The difference is in attitude, delivery, communication and responsiveness. We are heading towards prolonged satisfaction and smile, good feeling, which is not rising only from the image house, but also the deep, conscious confidence about the company visiting your home. Professionally established company JoeCleans Windows wants to become a part of your endeavour for a better life. A wide range of services can bring a household to a new level of well-being.
Make your house a mirror to your mind. Let it be pure like water, without unnecessary deposits.

A small company wants to bring high-quality window cleaning services to you by using professional equipment. The water filtration machine is professionally installed, all equipment is in the high-level standard, and the company has valid certificates necessary to perform the services making your house shine.

Based in Reading, we deliver our services to its surroundings.
If you are not sure which locations we cover, please do not hesitate to check a map in the section “Contact us”.

Feel free to find out all the necessary information on this website.
Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email for even closer information.

Window cleaner

Jozef D.


I am ready to deliver all my best! 


Naturally very aspire towards a general success, I ensure that you have chosen a good window cleaner. Skilful and handy in many aspects, I will please your eye with the final result. Fully certified by BWCA, means peace of mind and trustworthiness for you regarding the accreditation and knowledge.

I am inspired by the nature of water, memorising, vitalising and uncompromisingness as well. Water will always find a way.

I like my business, only positive effort for the knowledge pushes my limits and teaches me. 

I am not looking for comfort in the sense of work, otherwise, I could not be better than yesterday. 


''Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work'' Aristotle

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